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1150P Wood Gourmet

Wood Burning Stove

1150P Wood Gourmet™

Lots of reliable heat

Comfortable heat with the added benefit of a reliable cook top surface is included in this Benefit Wholesale Parts & Equipment's Napoleon gas stove.


  • Fully lined refractory firebox for long burn times and even, consistent heat
  • Convenient wood storage compartment


  • A unique cook stove designed with advanced EPA wood burning technology
  • Solid cast iron cook top surface
  • Removable hot plate and lifter with stainless steel gasket to mark “Hot Zones”
  • Flush top design ensures “easy slide” pan movement without having to lift
  • Pot fenders keep the cookware safely on the surface of the stove
  • Easy access ash pan with over sized brushed stainless steel handle
  • Convenient wood storage compartment built right in the pedestal base
  • President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Information

Straight from our Research & Development Team

This unique, functional, Benefit Wholesale Parts & Equipment's Napoleon EPA certified wood stove produces lots of warm, comfortable heat with the added benefit of a reliable cook top surface. With up to 55,000 BTU’s, high burn output, large firebox capacity and the reliability of having a combined heating and cooking source without the need for electricity, this stove provides a valuable addition to your home, cottage or both!